split 7" with Detroit

by Suffering Mind



released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Suffering Mind Lublin, Poland

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Track Name: Maximize Production
Maximize production, Maximize profits,

At what point do we stop and open our eyes? Stop production and realize,

The process is rape. The "product" is murdered.

Use any excuse to turn your head

A bargain for the consumer, Focus in on a deal, Anything to distract you from what it is real.

At what point do we realize, Open minds see through lies.

The process is rape. The "Product" is murdered.
Track Name: Forgotten Victims
How can you expect things to change, If you can are not prepared to act out, Same excuses time and time again, Use convenience for your own gain,

Luke warm ethics, No back bone, Actions you say you can not condone,

You are all bark and no bite, Not prepared to stand up and fight.

Forgotten victims wait.
Track Name: Human Supremacy
Human Supremacy - Leeches of the earth Consuming everything - Conditioned since birth

Exploitation of Non-human kind, No compassion , Disturbance of the mind.

Hide behind your ignorance - Block out empathy It is human bias - Manufactured into greed.

Indifferent to their suffering, It is systematic slaughter, No remorse, No second thought, Massacre of the innocent

Exploitation of Non human kind, No compassion, Disturbance of the mind.